what do you want to leave behind?

paramhansa yogananda first caught my attention when i read this quote from him: “in the ocean of cosmic consciousness, the bubble of my life cannot die, for i am indestructible consciousness, protected in the bosom of Spirit’s immortality.”

i was then caught in the drama of leaving a post as EIC of a parenting magazine, and attached to what i could do more for my readers. my old mentor, an alcantara, who headed the magazine before me, told me i had nothing to fear. my name and what i had done for the working mom community had already been immortalized in print and archives in libraries and the net—“your name is there Gina, they cannot erase it, ever.”

so i left and went on to put up another magazine, a new title to empower women even BEFORE they became moms. it folded after three years, and then i went to open another one to advocate the type of parenting i believe in: progressive parenting.

yogananda’s quote still resonates with me. the titles i put up may have folded, but their message fell on the ears of those who were willing to listen, and i believe that whatever we do in this lifetime will linger, may it be positive or negative. whatever it is, we have the power (and i don’t mean that in an egotistical way) to make a difference in the consciousness of people, so we might as well do so for their growth or evolution—never devolution.

i know people who revel in awards and having their names known to all and sundry because of all the hip and cool subjects they tackle in their writing. that’s ok. a part of me wants that too, but when i hear how people deluge Kids Ahoy when i put up a blog for yahoo about how they’ve been instrumental in making my children bloom, then awards don’t matter. what matters is how readers are touched, and how they’re made proactive towards decisions that matter.

 i’ve had to put up with journalists who dismiss me because i don’t do “hard news.” maybe i’m just not equipped to. i don’t think it’s not that i’m not smart enough, but i’d rather give good news, encouraging news, so that there’s more reader takeaway. i’ve heard a columnist brag about how many libel cases he has. is that a sign of merit? that you’ve written irresponsibly and created enemies? i don’t think that’s something i can ever be proud of. 

and so i do soft news. “oprah” news. stories that make us question if we’re indeed doing what we’re meant to do, and giving that opportunity and openness for choice to our kids. in this link, swami kriyananda, direct disciple of yogananda, tells his story and introduces the idea of searching for the divine in a most real way. if you have time, watch it. and maybe, we can all consider and take pause to what our consciousness would like to leave behind—if not for ourselves, then maybe, for our children.

what do you want to leave behind?


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