i listen to the cure, the clash, violent femmes, johnny cash, the beatles, afghan whigs, muddy waters…

so fuck you if you think Snap is beneath the radar.

if you were anyone who was ANYONE in late ‘80-’90s manila, snap—along with blackbox, gypsy waters, c&c music factory, right said fred—was the shit. da shiznit.

my daughter would balk now if she knew what i did when i was a teen, barely five, six years older than she is now. she’d crinkle her nose and say, “ew, mommy, you did that??”

yes, i did.

and thank God she doesn’t seem to have the proclivity to do so now.

history has a weird way of working out.

the sons and daughters of the more promiscuous—those who seem to have the most ‘sins’ to have to pay for—are the more levelheaded ones, the ones more open with their parents.

in this i find comfort.

still, i don’t like to rely on hopes. what will be her karma is hers; what’s mine is already mine. 

i just hope hers will be more ‘Make it Easy’ than ‘Bomb the Bass’.


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