this was written a little over a year ago, when hayden kho’s sex videos started hitting  and hurting the mainstream.

fascinated, like i guess i would be with a trainwreck, i asked esteemed author, historian, and political-social analyst red constantino to do an essay about how kho’s actions could propel parents to think about how they were raising their sons, or daughters.

hayden kho’s case was dismissed the other day.

issued at the same time hubert webb and 5 others were acquitted for a crime committed back in ‘91, the development in the kho case was not given much attention—and also reinforced that even if AT LAST the courts had started accepting documentary evidence, the justice system is still pretty much fucked.

when i put up HIPP (happy, intelligent, progressive parenting) magazine, i envisioned a publication that would give thinking parents critical, credible, and non-judgmental insights on how to raise their kids and develop relationships within their families.

unfortunately, being described as a magazine “too intellectual” and “hard to sell,” HIPP was shuttered after merely 10 issues.

i still believe the filipino parent is ready for the type of content we at HIPP envisioned: non-google-able, original, compelling content that is authentically filipino and presented in a valuable, high-quality package. 



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