feng shui forecasts for the year of the golden rabbit

President PNoy—along with other people born in the year of the Rat—will have to watch his temper in 2011, according to feng shui.

General updates like these for each sign of the Chinese zodiac were revealed recently by feng shui expert Marites Allen, in an event to kick off the 6th Annual Feng Shui  Convention, slated for January 22, 2011 at the Imperial Suites in Quezon City.

The event will host discussions regarding opportunities and challenges to be expected in the Year of the Golden Rabbit, which starts on February 3, 2011. Allen, who is also World of Feng Shui Philippines CEO and President, will also give advice on how to attract good fortune and “redirect inauspicious elements that cold block efforts to prosper in any given year.”

“But remember, feng shui is never magic, and it is not a religion,” she clarified during the press conference. “Feng shui experts are never psychics.” Their postulations go through a difficult process of formulation and analysis, she says.

As an innately superstitious people, and one with many Chinese influences, Filipinos follow the principles of feng shui on varying levels. Feng shui forecasts are one of the most anticipated toward the year-end and beginning of the next.


“2011 will be an energetic year,” Allen says, as it also takes on the characteristics of the rabbit. “The younger generation will make movements for change in politics or social establishments.”

It’s also a good year for romance for Boars (like Kris Aquino) and Tigers (like Ruffa Gutierrez), adds Allen. Conversely, it may mean more sex scandals and sexual affairs for those very same signs.

It will also be good for the entertainment business. “But focus on creating movies about family, love, and relationships—not violence,” admonishes Allen.

Lucky colors are colors of the earth—light yellow and light brown and shades in between. Secondary lucky colors are black and blue.

Sign by Sign

Allen also gives her rundown for each of the signs:

The Rat will be under the Auspicious Double Star, which brings luck on all aspects. But Rats should also learn to extend patience. They’ll enjoy tremendous luck if they “manage to calm down during tough times.” As a cure to this negativity, Allen prescribes rats to use a Double Ring Magic Amulet.

Ox-born people are “the stars of the year,” having Heaven Luck, Victory Star, and Double Auspicious Stars on their side. “This means they’ll have lots of opportunity and triumph,” says Allen.  The downside? “Jealousy and envy,” she continues, for which she suggests an Evil Eye Amulet for a cure.

Tigers can look forward to improvements in their careers. However, the Misfortune Star may affect them—but only “by 15 degrees in their charts,” says Allen. For this, she recommends that Tigers should “rely on allies. You can also use powerful gemstones according to the day you were born.”

Even if it’s their year, Rabbits should also be careful because the Misfortune Star is also in their chart. “But Rabbits are naturally optimistic,” says Allen, “so just take it easy and make this year the year that you lie low.” Rabbits can also turn to a Good Fortune Scarf, Multiplying Mantra Scarf, Dependant Arising Scarf, 5 Element Pagoda, and Tai Sui Amulet (which can also be used by Rats and Tigers) as cures.

For those signs who are in particular conflict with the year, Allen adds, “do a lot of charity and spiritual activities” to repel the negative energies. Also, it is best to keep moving, to constantly keep negative ch’i at bay.

Dragons will enjoy a good team and solid support system to “help them do great things,” says Allen. “They should also learn to recognize every opportunity when it presents itself.” On the other hand, Dragon-born people should also not be too impulsive, and think things through before making decisions. Cure for Dragons include gemstones according to the day they were born.

Snakes will enjoy opportunity and prosperity, and auspicious relationships. But they should also beware of jealous friends. A charm called Heaven Luck Activator is prescribed for Snakes.

Auspicious stars and allies cover the Horse-born person, but if he or she doesn’t watch out, they might be robbed of opportunities, or overcome with illness. Cures for the Horse include the Tree of Life charm and the Wolu (Health Cure).

Wealth and success in career and love await Sheep, especially if they seek the help of their Horse friends.  Those in corporate jobs will feel the strain, though, and married Sheep females should keep an eye on their spouses: “they might run away with another woman!” warns Allen. She recommends a Trinity Watch as a cure, and to protect love, a Peony Scarf (“the king and queen of flowers”).

The Year of the Rabbit will be the year the Monkey focuses on family more than career and money, but he or she might fall victims of robbery. Allen says a Mandarin Duck will help protect the Rooster’s family, as well as protect against the possibility of spouses straying. The Monkey (as well as the Sheep) might also do some traveling for education.

It will be a tough year for the Rooster, who will be working hard and feel pushed to the limit in their jobs. Rooster-borns will also be challenged by the presence of the Three Killing Star. Cures are the Tree of Life Pendant and Tai Su Coin.

Dogs will enjoy wealth luck, and will find allies in his or her Boar friends, who will bring them “much happiness. Their personal lives, though, will be a bit low,” says Allen, who recommends an Enhancing Mirror or Victory Banner as cures.

Boars will enjoy wealth, and their relationships with their Dog and Rat-born friends can point toward doubled good fortune. “But avoid taking risks with money, especially in investments, as there is a chance of deception,” says Allen. Cures are those that carry the figure 8, and Metal Pyramid.

‘This is the year for money to be made’

“Wood”-based industries such as “plantations, agriculture, flowers, plants, have a discouraging outlook,” says Allen.

“Metal industries like jewelry, wired goods like computers, TV, airplanes (aeronautics) will remain competitive.

“Fire industries like stock markets and entertainment hold bright outlooks. Water industries, like alcohol, fishing, baking and shipping are also good,” she continues.

The best business to enter in 2011 will be Earth industries. “Real estate, buildings, hotels, construction, properties—these are good to invest in. Excellent prospects.”

Overall, states Allen, “2011 is the year to think about wealth. Despite clashes, this is the year for money to be made.”

Free horoscope updates and details on the Feng Shui Convention are available on www.maritesallen.com. You can also call +639209509390.

feng shui forecasts for the year of the golden rabbit


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