it took me a few days to open it, and it came over a week late, but no wonder marco kept on asking: “have you opened it yet? have you opened it yet?”

the past two weeks have been peculiarly busy, filled with luncheons and presscons and face-to-face interviews, that in my busy-ness, i had stuffed it in my bag, and every time he asked, i replied: “no, anak, not yet,” he would just smile and say, “ok,” and hug me before running off to play with mateo.

today, during a lull at work, i finally fished it out of my bag and opened it.

kids have the most patient, forgiving souls in the universe; it’s a pity that sometimes, it takes us adults a sliver of free time in our oh-so “important” schedules to remember such.

imagine how different and lighter our lives could be, how much more we could learn from children, if we took more of those slivers of time and bundled them up and used them to open more letters, listen to more silly stories—and even, simply answer, with a smile and hug and no heaviness or bitterness in our hearts : “ok.”


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