An Astrologer’s Take on Conception and Responsible Parenthood–and what God might think of it

In her latest Tweet, Paloma (@paloma_says) says:

“Did you knw that in Astrology a soul scouts 4 a couple who could best provide the circumstance of his birth he specifically needs to learn certain lessons and ultimately fulfill his meaning in this lifetime? The soul stays close to the chosen pregnant mother-to-be and waits for the perfect time to “enter the womb”. That perfect time is always the solar eclipse nearest to the expected date of birth. And that is a span of about a couple or so months. So what does that mean? It means that the fetus is till just a mast, a growth thats a part of a human body. And if it is unwanted, an “accident” of nature, a result of violation – like cancer – i think one has the right to take it out. A being is complete, alive, and well when body, mind, and spirit are present. That in mind, I think i will risk reasoning it out to my God that i would rather take out an unwanted pregnancy than raise a child i cant afford to feed, or will hate the rest of my life, or regret having, and at worst, contribute to the hopeless poverty populace. Which is then a greater sin? I dont believe that God’s infinite wisdom and compassion are contained in a box.”


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