Dragon eating an ampao during my aunt’s warehouse blessing for more good fortune and money, money, money… Even before she employed a geomancer, though, Auntie E was already a phenomenal businesswoman. She started out by selling bananas out of her home. That was around 30 yrs ago. It was when she ventured into a high end MLM business, though, that she really raked in the big bucks. Then came the distributorship of consumer goods, and more. Before I got married (the first time), my uncle told me: “one of you should have a regular job; the other one can go freelance or have a business. That way, you’ll always have something.” Each supports the other in their respective endeavors, while holding his/her own in his/her own world.
I watched them from the tiered balcony as the dragon looped in and out of the different buildings in the compound. Uncle F was visibly bursting with excitement and pride. Auntie E reached behind her; he caught her hand and gave it a squeeze.
More than her success, more than their hard-earned prosperity, I could see that THAT was the “something” he was talking about. A teamwork, a dynamic that is always kept alive and fresh, and a gesture that reverberates tenderness and partnership more than any word can.


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