My lably sweet 20 years ago, with other photojourns who covered the explosion of Mt Pinatubo. In commemoration, the same veteran fogeys headed by Mla Bulletin Photo Chief Albert Garcia, unveiled in Subic today their images taken from that unforgettable event. (For noobs, Albert took the iconic photo of an ash cloud billowing over the volcano; it landed the cover of National Geographic and was used as peg for the movie Dante’s Peak).
I’ve heard the stories Derek, Mon Acasio, Jun and Nico Sepe have to tell about that day/week. All involve a grit and humor in equally huge amounts—stuff and memories that makes these guys still act like boys when they get together. (Sorry, too many to recount; if you want to hear them, drop by The Oar or our new taverna sometime when everyone’s there…)
Do I ever tire of listening to these stories? No.


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