“my normal two-person family” by erica paredes

i don’t know erica that well—probably the most we’ve exchanged were updates about her cousin, a former classmate, over drinks in M Cafe. i’ve featured her in my magazine HIPP (now defunct…boo!), too; and donated some sandwiches during her Ondoy food drive.

i still do remember her pregnant and young, walking around the ABS-CBN Publishing office with a belly about to burst but still looking trés hip. i was already EIC of another magazine and already had three kids (and about to leave my husband). i had my first baby when i was erica’s age, and though i didn’t party as much as she did then, reading this made me remember how i also was, 14 years ago: bright-eyed, so very much in love, absolutely clueless, and well, quite brave for taking on the responsibility of raising my daughter when, as erica states, “i couldn’t even take care of myself.”

i look at my own daughter now and absolutely agree with erica that like ananda to her, simone is teaching me everyday to be a better person, to be more gracious and settled. one of the most unforgettable things anyone has ever said to me is that our children are a refinement of ourselves. by being so, they are also helping us refine what we currently are.

thank you erica, for sharing this with everyone.

“my normal two-person family” by erica paredes


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