read this article yesterday wherein le blabbermouth herself, Kris Aquino, states that “it’s easy being a single mom.”

o gaga. look what you’ve spurred. a healthy and ferocious discussion about how ignorant you are, and, according to one comment: ‘she’s one asshole KSP bitch, isn’t she?’

we’re not the only ones who feel this way. google the article and you’ll see that many others are personally offended by such cluelessness and smugness.

i dare kris aquino, super single parent, to live one week of my life—and one week of each life of the single parents (even dads) who commented on my facebook status—sans her trappings. ok fine, not even a week. a DAY. i dare you, super-single-parent, to rise at 6 a.m., make breakfast and baon, wash the dishes, clean the house, feed the dogs, take a taxi to interviews, wait in line at the bank, and currently, sit in the heat and rain and “make bantay” carpenters so they don’t cheat me out of a peso on construction of our new pub. eat in the carinderia to save money, juggle emails from clients, edit stuff on my blackberry, etc etc etcete-fuckin’-RA.


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