Remembering HIPP. @wickedtrish (tricia morente) posted this—one of our monthly promo posters for our old mag— in her work area, and it made me all bitter and sentimental again. Haha. Didn’t we have amazing covers??? I mean, we were the FIRST, locally, to photograph kids that way. No posing, no forcing them to sit still. No overcombing of hair and forcing them to smile. Our content wasn’t bad, too. We had real writers, intelligent dads and moms, write for us—red constantino, anna maria gonzales, mitzi duque ruiz, joel toledo, ramil gulle, myke santos… We had melissa howell alipalo (expat mom), janice villanueva (mompreneur), dona tumacder de esteban (holistic mom), patricia esteban de dios (stay-at-home-mom), jennifer adriano (overseas mom) as columnists. We ran jun sepe’s first photo of his 3rd son, Mio, with jun’s own commentary. We ran veejay villafranca’s photo of a dad from baseco, holding his twins. When cory died, we ran joe galvez’s iconic photo of her praying, her face and yellow blouse illuminated only by the candles surrounding her. We weren’t just lifestyle; we carried issues and tied them into stories on how those might affect our kids, our raising our kids, our choices as parents. We knew our shit, man. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck. So why did HIPP die? I know why. Many of you do, too. Ok. Back to work.


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