‘terrible ordeal’

um. so yeah.

i’m probably going get a lot of flak for this but…

i’m here watching the news and “journalists endure terrible ordeal” is looping over and over.

seems the journalists who were held hostage for five days inside the rixos hotel in libya have been freed.

photos of the hapless men and women—lying listlessly on the carpet, sitting around in the corridors, sleeping on sheets, smoking, watching the world’s events from a giant macbook—flash onscreen with a running commentary.


i know a journalist who spent a night by himself in a hut in a village full of dead people, because his guide was too terrified to stay and left him there. the journalist had to walk to ‘civilization’ the next day.

he then filed his photos by hotwiring one of the few landlines in town, then went to find himself something to drink.

‘terrible ordeal’. ye-ah.


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