the walking man of manila endorsing the book i edited for Paloma. f**k yeah. go get yourselves a copy. makes sense, with all these storms coming, one after the other. high time every filipino puts together his and her B.O.B. (bug out bag) and emergency everyday carry.

(btw, we’re on our second printing (yey! after just three months of launch!). cleaned up minor typos and included more reviews, plus a foreword by Sen. Loren Legarda, chair of senate committee on climate change.)


is giving recommended reading: Your Emergency Survival Handbook by Paloma. Disaster preparedness explained fast and easy and within the Philippine context. Lessons on how to plan for an FLOOD, tsunami, earthquake and general collapse of everything. :o) “Experience Is Not What Happens To You, It’s What You Do With What Happens To You.” I mean, we’re a buncha volcanic islands in the ring of fire. We don’t need to guess what’s next. Let’s be prepared. National Bookstore Php295.00


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