For their 8th bday, the twins suggested that instead of lootbags, they re-pot their cactus sprouts and give those away instead. So off to Green 2000 supplies we went to buy small plastic pots (Mateo: “no clay ones?! Aw…”), a small bag of soil, 1/2 kilo of pebbles, and 3/4 kilo of japanese sand. I helped them layer the material—just that, “helped”, because they told me what to do. They did most of the work. How these two know so much about gardening, I have no idea. All I know about plants is that they look nice and are sometimes good to eat. An hour after, we had these: baby sagurao, hawartis, strawberry, and fruit king cacti all in a row, all ready to be given to their new owners next week 🙂
(Monetary cost: P231 (usd5) total for an unparalleled bonding and learning experience w the kids)


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