EJeepney comes to Fred’s Revolucion!

This is the line of jeepneys (a modification of the wartime jeeps left behind by American soldiers, which became the most popular form of public transport in the Philippines) made for the age of climate change adaptation and heightened environmental consciousness.

It runs on a rechargeable battery, can seat up to 15 persons, and now plies the roads of Makati, Quezon City, Pasig, and the capitals of Ilocos Sur, Surigao, and Palawan. Read more about it here.  

In case you’re wondering how we all linked up: Red Constantino, the executive director of iCSC, partner and proponent of the eJeep (along with social entrepreneur Rommel Juan, founder of eco-friendly Filipino resto chain Binalot), is one of the partners in Fred’s Revolucion. He and El Comandante Jefe (Jose Enrique Soriano in the world of photojournalism; Ungas to his friends; Chef to pub regulars; Derek-Gadamet-You-Smell-Like-Dog to me) put up the pub in June this year. They frontline the place, me and Red’s wife, Kala, provide balance and sanity. (oof.)

So anyway: go visit Fred’s and have the unique experience of drinking in an eJeep (Red calls his unit “Darna”, after a popular Filipino superheroine). 

And yes, of course, the food is excellent too 🙂


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