Today’s Book Loot at Libreria

My favorite bookstore in metro manila is Libreria in Cubao X. Aside from being located close to our bar (Fred’s Revolucion), it’s got an AMAZING selection of books—recent finds include a selection of stories by war journalist Michael Kelly, Typosphere (for my daughter), and different hardbound, beautifully illustrated books on the Vikings (the Norse kind, not the ball team) and cigars. Each—and I shit you not—below P1,000.

The books pictured here are more samples of how diverse Libreria’s selection is (a good two shelves are devoted to sci-fi and fantasy, by the way). They’re all on the discount heap, which means I’m getting them at 50% off—each less than P500 each.

Espresso is served at P50 a cup, it’s cool, bright, quiet, and you feel like you’re lounging in your own home.

I seldom gush, but this place…this place is heaven on earth.


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