Our kids LOVE their school. come on march 3, 1p.m. and see if your kids might love it, too :)

my twins have been going to the Center for Blended Learning for two years running.

i decided to transfer them there from a traditional school because:

a) i observed that they weren’t reaching their full potential in a trad school set-up;

b) this particular trad school and i were not aligned values- and academic-wise;

c) it’s always been my dream to homeschool, and Kids Ahoy-Center for Blended Learning seemed to be—it is!—the best compromise a busy working mom like me could have when it comes to my wanting a more hands-on role in my children’s education.

it took marco and mateo two days to adjust, then it was: BOOM. 

almost overnight, they started speaking fluent English (with a twang! i was beginning to fear they would never speak this language that’s provided for us all these years!), exhibiting even more and more curiosity in the sciences and maths and art. they became even more sociable. and as the weeks rolled by, they started displaying more and more signs of giftedness. gifts that i am certain would have never shone through in a traditional school, in a roomful of other children more into video games than books, a playground-ful of kids prone to teasing quieter, more introspective children (like marco, who taught himself how to meditate and is now learning Russian), a classroom where the teacher’s attention is diluted amongst 20 other kids.

at Kids Ahoy-Center for Blended Learning, the teacher student ratio is 1:5. and that’s pushing it. the teachers know their students and keep close tabs with the parents on a level far removed from the traditional PTC. everyone’s involved. everyone’s worth the attention. and the children feel it and naturally, thrive within it.

my boys love their school. they love that they can run around and lie on the ground and look for bugs and other wriggly, earthy creatures with their classmates—a mixed-age group—and play like kids are supposed to play. they love that they can create their little clubs and not ostracize anyone and themselves, not be ostracized. they love that the teachers are just as interested in whatever they’re into at the moment (mushrooms, macrophages, origami, mommy’s new bar…).

towards the end of last summer, they were both whining: “we miss school! when is school going to start?” given the chance to go on a road trip on a school day and going to school, they choose school: “nah, we don’t wanna go—something exciting might happen in school and we don’t wanna miss it.” when shown the possibility of studying abroad, marco answered: “i’ll only go if there’s a Kids Ahoy there.”

our students love our school. come by on march 3, 1 p.m. and see if your kids will love it too.

chances are they will 🙂

Our kids LOVE their school. come on march 3, 1p.m. and see if your kids might love it, too 🙂


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