dinner talk with marco 100812: living in the present

sometimes, my talks with marco are so profound and convoluted, they start off on one plane when i know—we both know—he means to take it to another plane. i can see him struggling to find the right words to express what he wants to say, to explain the concepts wrestling to be free inside his 8-year old mind. it’s almost heartbreaking…

marco: people think the future will be all electronic and stuff, but i don’t think so. i think it’s just going to be normal.

me: i think that we’re going to go back to basics, like growing our own vegetables, eating what we grow from our garden, living simply.

marco: i think that we can’t go back to a period of time. like that period of time is OVER. like before, diamonds were common, there was no pollution, it was cleaner, and you could eat anything, not just bacon and eggs…like now, no one eats just gelatin for dessert anymore like (they did) in the old times, (when) gelatin was supposed to be shaped. and cute. now, they’re just cubes.

me: are you talking about evolution or about how things can’t go back to how they were?

marco: that, that. the second thing you said—that things only happen once, and they can’t go back, no matter what. you can’t fix it. so you just have to forget about it…wait, it’s not about forgetting. it’s about not knowing. like when you’re in the past, you don’t know; but when you’re in the future, you forget. but when you’re in the present, you just have to forget about the past and not know about the future.


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