let me tell you about my dream school

twins in farm

para kay marco at mateo (and to all parents who have searched, are searching, for their kids…)

Let me tell you about my dream school.
It’s a school where kids are happy.
Where they’re allowed to make mistakes.
Where they’re not laughed at, or bullied, or called names.
(they have enough of that at home, in their families)

It’s a place where they can speak their mind without fear of being ridiculed,
or put down.
It’s where their being weird and different are celebrated,
not a cause for anxiety and worry.
It’s where the lectures are never boring—because there aren’t any!
Instead, there are games and lots of art and lots of interaction with kids and grown-ups outside the “classroom”.

It’s where I get to have a say, and the teachers listen to me.
Work with me.
It’s a place where all the kids are kind
and aren’t afraid to touch an insect, or pet a dog, or say sorry.

A little rigor is okay, the value of straight As and such.
But it’s not the whole world.
It doesn’t have to be their only world.
After all, discipline will be much better learned when they apply it to things they really want to know about—
Origami, French, music.
My dream school for my kids will expose them to all these,
and encourage all these.

My dream school, then, is where the child gets so hooked on learning,
it becomes an addiction.

Books, science, culture, art, spirituality…
Every day in school should be an adventure.
Where the child himself is the navigator,
And teachers and parents, the mapmakers,
And the possibilities and potential, as vast as the stars.


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