how my sons learned just how ugly people can be :(

the twins were interviewed by ABS-CBN’s ‘Bandila’ recently.

the interview was meant to be part of a report about how Filipino kids find it hard to speak and write Filipino.

it’s a timely issue. it’s a real issue.

the way Filipino has been taught in schools has deadened our curiosity for the language.

the way Filipino is spoken in mainstream shows and movies has robbed Filipino (and not just Tagalog) of its innate beauty and romance. 

the way it’s used in songs and pop culture (“jejemon”, text-speak, bastardization of spanish words to make them sound Filipino) has dumbed it down to near-irredeemable depths.

our Blended Learning Center wanted to do something about it; take Filipino back from the boring textbook levels it’s been subjected to and give it to our kids in a more exciting way, a more creative way, the way it should be taught. so we came up with a Philippine Literature Workshop. what better way to learn and love a language than to first appreciate it? to see and realize that it can be used, beautifully, to explore big ideas and subjects that move the spirit?

hence, the interview. that it’s August–buwan ng wika (language month)–is a coincidence. we just wanted the workshop to happen.

this is the segment that came out on Bandila:

i found it ok. it was a news story.

the twins were ok with it as well–until they saw the hate and vitriol it spawned on YouTube.:(

you can guess (or maybe not) how nasty and ignorant the comments were: kasalanan-ng-magulang-yan-ilang-taon-na-ako-naninirahan-sa-canada-UK-jeddah-marunong-pa-rin-ako-mag-bisaya-tagalog-ilocano-bullshit-yan-mga-anak-ko-marunong-mag-tagalog-mga-hypocrito-pang-sosyal-kasi-akala-nila-kung-sino-sila-di-kayo-filipino…etc etc.

my sons–my 10-year-old twin sons who openly and wholeheartedly gave the interview so they could spread the word about how important it is for kids like them to learn our language–were crushed. 

a mother never knows real heartbreak until she sees her children experience it themselves.

in solidarity, their tito derek replied this to one of the more ignorant trolls: 

“Sad though, that in the 30 years that you’ve lived in London that you really have not caught on with the language. Being a snob has nothing to do with the language a child speaks, it’s an attitude they learn from grown ups. Unless you grew up uneducated and uncivilised which gave you the world view of the deprived, believing that english is a language for the privileged and the haves, and therefore hating the ‘thems’ that you feel took from you. The children you are judging now, who because of circumstances we do not know and therefore must not judge, grew up speaking English, may be more caring, more loving of their fellow mankind and are endowed with a greater and deeper sense of humanity regardless of the language they speak. If you watch the report, which was reported in your ‘dialic’, some of them are actually in a workshop to learn tagalog, specifically tagalog literature, and they are in the class with utmost sincerity. I’m sorry but you actually believe that having a child “born and breed”(sic) in England and having “parents in law” that “are real english breed” is some sort of a pedigree. Wanking on the internet, in English or in tagalog, or “visaya” (which you never clarified whether cebuano or waray) is still wanking. Oh, and you’re very much welcome.”

my God, people. 

here we are, trying to raise our kids to see the awesomeness in everything, to find inspiration wherever they turn so they, too, can inspire–and there you are (well, some of you): just too eager and too hungry to show the world how ugly human beings can get.

what do we do with the likes of you….


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